Book Project

Defenders of the Faith? Why Religious Clerics Mobilize Against Right-Wing Populist (tentative title)

In an era of rising right-wing populists who practice extremist identity politics, I ask why religious clerics vary in their support for such policies. My project examines competing explanations in cases like India, Italy, and the United States.


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R & R

Anselm Rink and Kunaal Sharma. 2018. "The Ethical Underpinnings of Extremism: Experimental Evidence from Kenya." 

Under Review

Kunaal Sharma. "Clerical Persuasion and Religious Extremism: An Experiment Among Sunni and Shia Muslims in Northern India" (Job Market Paper)

Anselm Rink and Kunaal Sharma. ``Source, Content, or Contact? An Experiment on Fostering Tolerance in Nairobi’s Eastleigh District.’’